London Craft Beer Box

A selection of London's best and freshest craft brews, delivered to your door monthly. Save for yourself, share with your friends, or be a hero and give as a gift!

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How often will I get this box?

We deliver once a month, on or close to the 18th (we'll send you a text a few days before each delivery). If you're away or the beers are piling up then you can skip a month by logging into your account

What beers will I get?

We will send you a mix of London beers, including many brand new or limited run specials. There are 12 beers per box, and you can choose whether you get 12 different beers, 6 pairs or 4 lots of 3

You can also rate your beers each month, then our system will learn which styles you do & don't like as well as matching you with beers that people with similar tastes also liked

What if I'm not in?

We deliver our own boxes. This means that we can find the most convenient way for you to get your beers. Whether that's delivering to your work, leaving them with a neighbour or concierge, taking a key to a safe place or some other way - you tell us the best way to get them to you

Why can't I pick my own beers?

Beer is at its best when it is fresh. To allow everybody to pick their own beers each month we would have to keep mountains of stock sitting (and getting stale) in our warehouse. We would rather send you gloriously fresh beer

Also, because we source beers from small batch brewers we have a lot of limited-run brews and cannot guarantee consistent availability of these beers from month to month

Our box is designed to help you to discover new beers & breweries. Allowing customers to choose their beers each month would compromise on the range we can stock and the quality of the beer we send out, and we are not prepared to do that

What if I don't live in London?

Sorry, for the time being we only deliver inside the M25