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Get the newest and best of London's craft beers from London's independent brewers straight to your doorstep.


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Good friends give presents. Great friends give beer.

Know someone that would love a box or three of craft beers from some of London's best craft breweries? We've got you covered!

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From new limited edition brews to your old favourites, we've brought together London's best independent breweries to give you a taste of craft beers exclusively brewed in London.  

You don't have to drink boring lager anymore.

Drink better. Drink London.

Tell Me More...

Where do your beers come from?

We deliver exclusively London-brewed beers from breweries across London. We love our independent brewers and we know you will too. You can even hear from some of them over at the hoppist blog.

How often will I get my subscription box?

We deliver your beers once a month. To keep our deliveries as eco-friendly as possible, we'll deliver your box at the same time as your neighbours', usually around the 18th of every month (we'll send you a text a few days before each delivery). 

What if I'm not in?

We deliver all our own boxes so we'll find the most convenient way for you to get your beers. Whether that's delivering to your work, leaving them with a neighbour or concierge, taking a key to a safe place or some other way - you tell us the best way to get them to you and we will!

What if I'm going on holiday?

If you're off on holiday or the beers are piling up then you can easily skip a month by logging into your account at any time.

What beers will I get?

You'll get a mix of exclusively London-brewed beers, including many brand new or limited-release specials. There are 12 beers per box, and you can choose whether you get 12 different beers, 6 pairs or 4 lots of 3. 

How will you know what I like?

You can rate your beers each month, then our system will learn which styles you do & don't like and match you with beers that people with similar tastes loved.

Can I pick my own beers?

We're here to help you discover new breweries and beers when they're fresh and at their best - this is especially important for hoppy beers as hop flavours fade quickly. Keeping enough stock for everyone to pick what they want each month means storing lots of beers past their prime. We also don't want to miss out on our small batch brewers' limited-release brews and special editions by keeping a fixed menu! But don't worry, you can rate your beers to let us know what you like so we can match you up with similar beers we know you'll love!