What's Inside our London Craft Beer Box?

London craft beers

Each box is full of craft beers brewed across London. We source beers from some of the bigger craft breweries you've probably heard of and from some of the brand new ones you probably haven't

Most boxes include some of those hard-to-reach brand new or limited run beers, so you can enjoy these without the effort usually required to get hold of them


Give as a gift

Great friends give beer. Do you know somebody that would love to discover more of the great beer & breweries in London? Take a look at our gift options and buy them anything from a mixed box of London beers up to a year's supply!


Need more reasons to sign up?

Each month we invite you to rate the beers we sent you. Our system them builds up your flavour profile, understanding which styles you like and finding other beers that people with similar tastes also liked. This means that as we get to know you, we send you more of the beers you'll love and less of those you won't

If you've had problems with taking delivery of large items, fear not! We deliver all our own boxes, which means we can make sure you get your beers every time with minimum fuss. When you sign up, you will get to specify exactly what we should do with your beers if you're not in

Convinced? Try us out with £10 off your first box. Just use the code ILOVELONDON at checkout